18 Oct 2017

Stampin'Up! 3x3 Envelopes using the Envelope Punch Board


Do you remember my little 3x3 envelopes I made?
Remember I said they were easy to make?...well...I thought I would pop in and show you how to make them.

All you need is a piece of copier paper and the Envelope Punch Board and a little bit of adhesive.

The Envelope Punch Board has measurements down the side:

  1. The card size you have made
  2. The paper size you will need
  3. At which measurement you are going to place the cut paper into the Envelope Punch Board to then score it and punch it.

  • My cards were 3x3 so it told me that my paper needed to be  5 1/4 x  5 1/4
  • I cut the paper  5 1/4 x  5 1/4
  • It then told me I needed to line up the paper at  2  5/8
  • I placed my paper at  2  5/8 and scored with the bone folder that comes with the Board, with the paper still in the same position I also punched it
  • I then rotated the paper and lined up the score mark with the notch, scored and punched, I repeated this on the other 2 sides.
  • At the back of where the punch is, there is also a corner rounder to round all the corners, this makes it look very professional. 
  • Score and fold the score lines add a little bit of glue and you are done.


I love the Envelope Punch Board as I can make whatever size or colour envelope I want.

Why don't you try making the Envelopes with some of the Designer Series Paper...Beautiful.

If you missed the Cards I made for the Mini Envelopes click on the photos below and it will take you to the relevant post.




Michelle xxx

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